Thursday, October 8, 2009

Two Poems Inspired by The Song of Everlasting Sorrow (pages 13-18)

I've been reading The Song of Everlasting Sorrow for my book club. It is extremely dense and rich with language. I had to put the book down twice to jot down little poems inspired by the tone of the book and her intense, vivid, word-choice. Here is the result:

A Thunderously Noisy Melancholy

I write poetry in the fall, winter, and spring
The summer- too alive, too many adventures to experience
A ripening joy drops fruit and flowers

Autumn arrives with a hue of memory, old loss
Remembrances of withering hope and aching sorrow
Orange afternoons

Death's pallor- pressed against winter cheeks
By the time the snow starts flying
Lonely ambition is buried under drifts

Spring returns like a lover's tender kiss
The heart looks around with shining eyes- see a silver flash
Of lightening- fragile life, hatching

Easier to Part than Join (The Non-Loss of Virginity)

The Young Lady's Bedchamber
She didn't invite him into her own room
With pictures of laughing friends
Instead, the spare room- generic, adult, king-sized bed
Hungry secret thumping under the cover of night
Revealing a sunken-chest, sweetly treasured
Because it was his, hidden
She stammers, stutters
There would be no way to explain away
Her intact heart, wild and timid
Not cradled by this one
A moth spinning away from the flame

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