Monday, June 29, 2009

Watkins Glen Falls

Noah, Michael, and I went camping June 16th at Watkins Glen Falls state park. The falls far exceeded our expectations. The camping in a tent with a three-year-old...well, not much sleep to be had. But Noah is a trooper and hiked his little butt off with mom and dad. Now that we've been home for a couple of weeks, waterfalls are a constant staple in his imaginary scenarios. "Yook (look) Mama at this waterfall, let's swim in it!"- spoken as he points to the slide in the backyard.

Diggin in the Dirt and Eating Veggies in Syracuse

It has been far too many moons since I have blogged. Oh my. Blame it on Facebook. I was a success in New Orleans...and dangit...I love that city...was offered a great job...all seemed very do-able. But when I returned home to the 'Cuse, Michael, and Noah...too many things were stacked against the move. For one, Michael, my dear hub, had no possibilities opening up in NOLA...Tulane, UNO, Loyola- not hiring due to the sour and scared national economy. He was dreading what his new job would become: stay-at-home-dad. Ughh! That brings me to number two: NOAH!!! While I was in NOLA interviewing, Noah was seriously regressing. Potty time goes awry. Behavior: out of control! He was sooo little Klingon. Heart- breaking. Of course I would rather take care of my own wee one while I can...

So I turned the wonderful job at Lafayette Academy down. We will not be residing in the Big Easy this year. No cute little shotgun shack. No strolls through Audobon Park. No Sazeracs in the French Quarter. No Jazz. Not this year anyways. Noah is three. I can pursue those opportunities in NOLA or elsewhere when marches off to school.

Here in reality I sit. Syracuse. My abode for however long needs be. I have to make the best of things. For a good 6 months of the year, Syracuse is fine...lovely even, this time of year. And what is better than planting seeds, tending to, and watching things

About a month ago, I poured all of my pent-up energies into a curvy backyard island garden. I planted Purple Dalmation Foxgloves, deliciously-scented pink Phlox, Bee's Balm (aka: Oswego Tea), a peachy volumptous Asiatic Lily, some kind of spikedy succulent looking plant who I can't remember his name...all around a huge cluster of Purple Bearded Iris that we planted last year. And one of the most satisfying things about it was that I created a rock border around the island, and placed mini rock Zen piles throughout. I loved selecting stones and stacking them! Taking it apart and re-stacking. I guess I'm a stone stacking freak. I also really love uncovering all the worms and creepy crawly things as I am planting and weeding. It convinces me that the soil is fertile, and I am amazed that all of this life survives and thrives this witches' teet of a chilly place!

Another thing: I checked the Moosewood cookbook out of the library. I have been trying out recipes here and there (Apple Cheese Pancakes, Vegetable Stroganoff, Zuccanoes, Bread Pudding) and have renewed confidence in my abilities. I have a strong desire to feed my family healthy, creative, delicious grub. And if I can slowly, sneakily, remove meat from our diets...I will feel spiritually happier. (I saw this really gross episode of This American Life recently- in which they visit a modern pig farm...and I did barf a little in my mouth when they showed the pigs... inseminated...and then the teeny slimy piglets plopping on out). I still like ham and cheese...but...but...there ARE meat substitutes! For goodness sakes, I'm not Little Miss PETA, but we can do better than how we treat animals.

Gray Sea

Gray Sea