Thursday, October 15, 2009

Global Warming: Get Your Damn Hands Off My Pinot, Wildflowers, and Guacamole!

Did you realize that if we don't get a grip on this Climate Change thing, we are going to have to wave "Bye Bye" to many things we hold so dear!
I know you might be thinking, go crunch your granola somewhere else. But, wait, listen, I'm not going to pull out a chart and get all Al Gore on you...There are some truly awesome things that make LIFE sweet that are in terrible danger. If you visit this site,,

you can see for yourself 100 or so effects of Global Warming. It's terrifying- no more French wine...British wine instead! Mon Dieu, indeed! No more delicate Pinot's from Oregon, no more salmon, lobster, guacamole! I don't want to just spread fear here but, really, Cannabalistic Polar Bears and no more Christmas Trees! More dreaded mosquitos. Oh yeah, and the OCEANS ARE TURNING TO ACID!!! Not the fun kind of acid either. Maybe you would like to live in the world of Cormac McCarthy's The Road? Nope. Not me,either. Unless Viggo's, not even then!

Worst of all for some, this whole Global Warming thing could cause a Global Great Depression...kind of hits me where it hurts, in my already empty wallet! Ughh!
So if you want to do some small part to SAVE THE GUACAMOLE, you can visit Scientific American's 10 Solutions for Climate Change:

Little things can make a big difference and they are totally do-able: like try walking when you can, consume less junk, try a Meatless Monday ( Bonus- you can improve your health while improving the world! If you have a 'voluptuous' body, like me...saving the whales has a double meaning in your life too. ; )

As an aside, I'll be posting my ideas for doing some delicious meatless meals...every Monday from now on...stay tuned!

We don't really want to end up Mad on a Gray do we? I prefer the sea Blue or Green.

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