Sunday, October 11, 2009

Attack of the Killer Pumpkins!

Run for your lives!!
The pumpkins are everywhere. According to the nice hairdo lady who was trimming off my gnarly dead-ends on Friday, we've had an outstanding pumpkin crop here in the 'cuse. I had no idea. She said that all the rain over the summer resulted in this huge pumpkin infestation. So many pumpkins here...fleshy orange monstrosities... have been shipped down the road to less-rainier Buffalo, Albany.
Today Noah, Michael, and I had lunch at Moe's, and then ventured forth on our Annual Pumpkin Hunt. It is such a tradition with us that we have done this 2 years in a row! ; )
We like to go to this creepy little farm near's called Frienhoff's or Heffenstien's, or something like that. And it's a little strange. You are greeted at the road by scarecrows with jack-o-lantern heads...who have been impaled! There is a freaky corn maze with more creatures with various favorite is a zombie-ish monster wearing a shirt that says "Taxpayer"... getting all Libertarian in the corn maze, cute.
Here's Michael and Noah and some spooky spectres. Can you see the red and yellow leaves behind them? It is gorgeous around here this time of year. I have no explanation for their facial expressions.

While exploring the corn maze, much to Noah's delight, Michael walks ahead of Noah and I, hides in the stalks, and then hops out all "Buu-ha-ha! and Boogity-Boogity!" Noah loves a good scare.

And then there are the killer pumpkins. You get to load up a little red flyer for 15 bucks...or just buy them individually. Here's my lil' punkin':

At first, we just picked 3 pumpkins: a cute baby one for Noah, a medium round one for Mad, and a giant daddy for our Big Daddy. And we drove off happily with our pumpkin score. But then I suggested to that we could have gotten a whole wagonful...and that way we could be The Great Pumpkin Fairies, and deliver bright spots of delicious ORANGE-NESS (almost like being the harbringers of Fall itself) to our neighbors and to Michael's mom. Michael and Noah liked that we turned around and got our 15 bucks worth.
I don't know if Noah is picking his nose in this picture or not.

I love October! As we were driving slowly towards Skaneateles today so that we could stare at the changing Autumn leaves, I heard Garrison Keillor say on the radio (in character as Guy Noire),
"October is heartbreaking...and that proves you have a heart..."
I'm paraphrasing here. Go, yourself, and listen to The Prairie Home Companion on a crisp, sun-shiney Sunday afternoon... and let something out there break your heart just a little.
I have some Great Pumpkin Fairy work to do....
Happy Pumpkin Hunting to you!


Aubry said...

We went pumpkin patching today too!!! Cold Cold Cold but lots of fun!!!

CatLadyLarew said...

My son's first outing after he was born was to the pumpkin patch. *sigh* Memories of good times! Maybe I"ll just have to go get a pumpkin today!

MaddyG said...

Aubry- Glad you had fun! We should have just gone together...I saw that Dawn went as well. Great minds think alike, I guess. ; )

CatLadyLarew- Go get your punkin' on! ; )

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