Sunday, October 4, 2009

Erie Canal Hike with Noah

Lucky I am. I have Noah to go on adventures with me!
 Beautiful day today, and we hit the trails at the Erie Canal park in Camillus.

Noah next to the canal with requisite stick to jab the air. All boys do this thing with sticks, don't they?

While on the Clinton Ditch Trail, (not reffering to Bill or Hillary, presumably), we encountered an enchanted mushroom village. Surely fairies reside there, so we treaded lightly!

We selected large yellow and red leaves, tossed them into the water, and watched for a long time while they drifted off towards Buffalo.

My favorite find of the day was left behind by a chipmunk.
Cracks and hollow nuts shells... boats for Thumbelina and a friend.

Leaves are changing already. This tree, adorned with a ruby garland.
Happy Trails to you! ; )

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