Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Zoo Animals in the Cold

Noah and I visited the Zoo today.
Even though it was snowing.
Or maybe because it was snowing.
Some animals were smartly hibernating or in a similar sleep state.
But some were much better suited for this weather than Noah and I.

Like these gorgeous little ponies.

A cute little fella here. I so wanted to comb his wooly hair.
But a nearby sign warned of biting dangers.

Below is a La Mancha Goat, which is unusual because of its small ears...like a human's ears.
According to wikipedia, "The LaMancha has excellent dairy temperament and is an all-around sturdy animal that can withstand a great deal of hardship and still produce."
This one stared at Noah and I without moving or blinking. Did not appear to be going through much of a hardship, except for a moderate Syracuse winter. 

A Reindeer, or Caribou took a break from snacking to pose for this picture.

And then got back to business.
Swans, Ducks, Geese:
Ebony and ivory live together in perfect harmony.

One Lone Wolf
Making trails in the snow.

My little penguin is cold.
Time to retreat back to the human world of flannel blankets, steamy mugs, and central heat. 

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mangocheeks said...

Your little penguin does look cold, but at least he's smiling.

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Gray Sea