Sunday, February 7, 2010

Thrift Store Loss and Gains

I was in the thrift store on Friday, just poking around for a few minutes, when I spotted a fantastic sweater. It fit perfectly, was my signature color-BLACK, and in great condition.
The only problem was that it was priced $6.99. $6.99? That's pretty cheap, yes. But I'm not really in need of another sweater. How could I justify buying it? Why consume everything that I 'want'? That's when I happened to notice a flyer on the door that said the thrift store was having a Superbowl party on Sat. and Sun., in which everything in the store would be 44% off! Oh my, can you imagine? Sales at a thrift store! I think I heard choirs of angels singing. 
So I hung my near perfect sweater back on the rack with plans to return and claim my treasure the next day.
I told myself that if I let the sweater go and it's still's meant to be, and that I must purchase it.
I finally got around to returning to the store Sun., 15 minutes before the store closed.
Of course, you know how this story ends. I wouldn't be lucky enough for the perfect sweater to STILL be there! I snoozed, I loozed. : (  It wasn't meant to be. I hope that the new owner of that sweater appreciates her beauty and perfect-ness. Sigh. I'm over it already. Really.
On a happier note, I managed to snag:  three colorful sheets (which will be used as fabric for some sewing apron, pajama bottoms), a small mirrored hat or scarf hanger, a cute pair of shoes for Noah, a lovely yellow and blue Sake bottle- or vase, and a reusable bag with Longfellow quotes.
The grand total spent: $3.34.

The mirror/scarf-hat-coat hanger needs to be cleaned up a bit. And I may paint it.
The multi-colored sheet/fabric says "I love you, I love your body." I think I'll make it into a fancy apron. 


Maria Killam said...

Such great finds, love the colours!

Catherine @ The Vegan Good Life said...

That's great you are a thrifty mom! I hope to be one day.

That's the challenge with thrift - so many temptations, but then it's "Do I need this?" If you saw my closet in summer, you'd think this woman needs a lot of sundresses. The key is to use and love what you have, and pass on to others what you don't.

Happy thrifting!

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Gray Sea