Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Sew what?! Why should we buy postage stamps?!

On Sunday, I attended a class at JoAnn's Fabrics...Sewing 101.
Yes! I'm well on my way with the goals I set for my new year. I plan to learn many many supa sexy homemaker skillz in 2010. Sewing is on the ever-growing list. These plans/goals sort of revolve around a desire to be self-sufficient. And self-sustaining. Greener. Less consumer-oriented. But probably it is just a reflection of my desire to control things around me. Now, for some reason, I have part of a Dead Milkman song stuck in my head..."Why should we buy postage stamps when we can make our own..." I'm pretty sure they are mocking someone in that song, being ironic. I don't like them anymore. I can't believe I was so hung up on them in high school. My high school self really needed better taste.
Anywho...Sewing 101....I must say that the 2 and a half hours flew by. I am no longer quite so ignorant. I am now familiar with much seamstress terminology. For instance, I know where the bobbin is. Do you? I can thread a needle in my sweet litttle machine, get her motor purring right along with the push of my foot. I know not to cut paper with my sewing scissors...the teacher stressed this often, and she even mentioned that JoAnn's sells padlocks for your scissors, just in case you need to lock those babies up!
I have my first pattern cut out.
I'm making something for myself out of an old pair of flannel pajama bottoms...usable, wearable..which will decrease my wasteful impact on the environment.
So...I'm jumping right in. Wish me luck!


Patti said...

Good for you! I got my machine last April and I've made tons of stuff for my boys and for many other kids! Not sure if it's any cheaper, but right now the little ones can wear remnant fabric so it workd out great. My next ambition is to sew a christening outfit for my new little guy. His Christening will be in the summer so I'm thinking of something light like calico or linen. I you have any questions (or tips!) keep in touch!

MaddyG said...

Thanks Patti, for reading and commenting! I'm sure I will, indeed, have questions. I'd love to see some pics of the great stuff you've made. ; )

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