Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Last Week's Icicles and a Naked Dream

These icicles were hanging from the side of the house
last week.
Like a menacing NY version of Kudzu.
Sharp and angular.
I would hold my breath as I stepped past.
Being from FL,
and not accustomed
to extreme winter,
I can imagine all sorts of
icicle-impaling horrific accidents.

They were all pointy and fierce-looking.

But the sun peeked out and they began
to melt and break.
They would fall in clumps
 and murmur, "Slush-slush, slushy"
as they slid around the melting snow.

I did appreciate the icicles from an aesthetic distance.
I admired the striking constrast of dark shadows cast by
the almost translucent hanging wonders.
You can learn something from these icicles.
Let the sun shine in!

I had a dream a few nights ago that I was
strolling down a fairly busy urban street,
and I was naked.
I didn't have much anxiety in the dream
about being naked.
I was trying to cross the street
without attracting attention.
And I was successful, in my dream
 noone seemed to notice.

I welcome any interpretations!
Not sure if/how this dream is related to Last Week's Icicles.
That is also open for interpretation.


Bee Balm Gal said...

From Florida to the icicles of Syracuse, the grayest place on earth? You poor dear! Whatever did you do to deserve that? I, at least, was bred to this life, and accept it as my lot...
Keep the faith! In a mere 8 or 10 weeks, there may be crocuses...

MaddyG said...

Thanks for visiting, Bee Balm Gal!
I married in to this rough and tumble place. It is completely bizarro compared to my life before, but it does have it's charms...like those crocuses in the near future. ; )

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