Tuesday, December 8, 2009

You're still using PAPER? Sheesh!

Do you like to drink coffee?
Are you still drinking it out of a silly paper cup...that will not be recycled...which will continue to contribute to landfill overflow? Disgusting. Tssk Tssk.

Well, why don't you just go right out and get yourself a snazzy non-disposable cup!
I only recently got with the program. Before that, I was ruining the world like the rest of you. Actually, I am more guilty than most 'normal' people because I very much enjoy drinking coffee out and about in cafes so that I can people-watch, read books, write poetry, and pretend to read books and write poetry while I'm really people-watching.
Now I carry with me at all times...a beautiful and cute pink travel mug...kind of like this...

By the way, a travel mug would make an excellent holiday gift for any coffee or tea drinkers in your life.
You can always carry around a cool mug too. Or if you're really desperate for coffee, and you didn't bring your own non-disposable cup...just have the barista pour that Mocha Choco Latte straight down your throat. I guarantee that after that experience, you will not forget your non-disposable again.  

I am just proposing small little ecological baby steps here. Go get your coffee buzz on. Cheers!   

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