Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Tree Hugs and Kisses

Wish I could spend more time just walking around in the woods looking at trees. I love, love, love them so.
I am a genuine treehugger. There's no denying it.

Last week, before it started snowing here in NY, I went to the Beaver Lake Nature Center to select a holiday gift for someone special (I can't go into more detail...since the receiver may peek in at this here blog). It was in the 30's, breezy, and gloomy. But that was perfect for my mood. You see, I had been listening to Tori Amos all morning and looking at the gray sky and dreading the long winter. I was in a slightly bitter, melancholy state when I arrived at the BLNC.

But lo and behold...there were the trees singing to me...the lyrics of a Tori Amos song...
"Look, I'm standing naked before you..."
And naked they were. And glorious.

Not many brave souls were at the BLNC for a hike or jog.
Lucky me.
I was able to spend some quaility time alone admiring these beauties.

The gnarls, the pretzel, heart-shaped wooden wonder, the bark.

A feast of BROWN
Brown is lovely.

A spot.
A view.
For my eyes only. It was very intimate.

Now the snow has started falling in this part of the world.
The BLNC will soon be visited by snowshoers
and cross-country skiers.
I'll try not to be greedy.
I'll try to share these- loveliest of trees
as they dress up all in white.


jane said...

lovely shots! hugs from another tree hugger:)

Vegan Good Life said...

Magical photos! Tori's music is like sonic poetry to me. Whenever there's a fresh blanket of snow, I think of the line from her song Carbon, "where the world bleeds

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Gray Sea