Sunday, November 8, 2009

The Weekend...

We visited the farmer's market.
Brought back Brussel Sprouts on a stick.

I didn't realize they grow that way.
I always assumed they sprouted up like little lettuces out of the ground.

Nothing hotter than a man who loves his vegetables.

We also raked the leaves that had filled our yard.
Yellow. Brown. Crunchy.

Some leaves were still falling.
Like this one that floated gracefully until it came to rest on Noah's sweet head.

Noah jumped in every single pile. Buried himself completely. Popped out again.

His happiness is boundless.
And so contagious.

Sunday evening.
The non-Jack-o-Lantern Pumpkins beg and plead to be used for something
other than decorations for the front porch.

I bathe them. Chop them. Roast them.

They will be transformed into Pumpkin Butter.
Homeade Pumpkin Butter will be a fine Christmas gift for someone.


Anonymous said...

I'm going to *try* to leave a comment (crosses fingers). I never knew that about brussel spouts either. Hmmm.... How do they taste. I'm a veggie lover- but I confess that the only enjoyment I get from cabbage (which they look similar to) is in egg roles. And yay for raking and enjoy leaves and pumpkin butter sounds Divine!!


MaddyG said...

Yay Tricia! You did it! You commented! You're not a technophobe any longer. Hooray!
Haven't cooked the brussel sprouts yet...but I've looked at them admiringly. Maybe Santa will bring you some Pumpkin Butter this year?

Anonymous said...

You guys are getting too healthy! No more del Taco, eh?! Try shredding the brusselers with the slicing disc in a food processer. Saute in butter, steam with a bit of water, then salt, pepper, and a squeeze of lemon at the last minute. Yummy! Not that you asked for a recipe or anything....Love your blog and being able to check in on your world now and then!

MaddyG said...

And Laura, I LOVE that you are reading my blog and leaving me a divine recipe.
No more del Taco...but only because there aren't any here in Syracuse!
Don't worry, we're not too healthy.

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Gray Sea