Sunday, November 15, 2009

Cyclamen, my favorite houseplant.

Admire the Cyclamen's heart-shaped foilage.
In the center, many buds
will soon be opening.

Then, delicate fushia flowers will adorn their long, slender stems.

In Victorian days, Cyclamen were the Christmas plants given to neighbors and friends.
Now the tradition is to give Poinsettias.

Supposedly, you can make a tea from the Cyclamen petals.
However, it is officially POISONOUS.
Beware of her dangerous beauty.


jane said...

hey madona! you have such a fun blog here. love your meatless mondays. thanks for visiting! have a great weekend. Jane

MaddyG said...

Thanks for stopping by, Jane!
I love the photos on your blog. You're great. ; )

Laura said...

I love cyclamens too, but how do you keep your cats from eating them? Mine will eat anything green in my house, so I gave up.

MaddyG said...

I tried to have my cyclamen on the dining table as a centerpiece. But Bunny and Chibi ate some leaves...and it freaked me out because they are poisonous!
I now keep the cyclamen in the kitchen window. The cats never seem to jump up on the kitchen counters or get in the kitchen windowsills. We're lucky. Have you tried Jade plants? Mine won't eat those for some reason...

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