Saturday, September 19, 2009

The Summer of Parks

Noah has grown in huge leaps and bounds over the summer. We have busily pursued adventure after adventure the past couple of months. Noah and Mommy. Us two. I have been in almost a state of urgency/panic about 'adventuring'....knowing that the temperate times in Syracuse quickly fly south for the winter...and spring...and part of the summer and fall. We just have this teeny lil' window of time to fling ourselves outdoors and breathe the unfrozen air, to feel the sun on our faces. Sigh...those days are pretty much ending this week I think. In another month, I will certainly be shoveling snow.

But oh those summer days....! Absolute Abundance! Bliss!

Noah and I took the 'parks of onondaga county' tour. Nothing better than a park for Noah to stretch his long legs, run, climb, hop...those things that are forbidden in our tiny home made for dwarves. Often we walked to the 'blue park' which is a couple of blocks away from our house. It's called the blue park by Noah because of a blue tunnel slide that dominates (he used to fear that slide- not now, he's a big boy). This photo is of Noah and his buddy Alanna preparing to blow bubbles at the blue park. There is also the 'brown park,' which is constructed of brown wooden castles, slides, nooks and crannies, hiding's the playground of a nearby elementary school. Then there's the Santaro, Marcellus, and Shove parks...which are all faves too. Santaro has cool bendy, climby things (I really can't describe them better than that!), a climbing wall, and trails. Marcellus has multiple awesome playgrounds, a creek, trails, and always lots of other kids for Noah to meet. Shove Park also has a creek, playgrounds, and is so close by and convenient. Oh yeah, we also love Gillie Lake Park. And recently we discovered Barry Park near the Westcott area. That has been our summer- the summer of PARKS.

And libraries. Fairmount library and their summer reading program. Maxwell Memorial and Monday morning storytime. The 'cool' library. Downtown library. Hazard Branch. Libraries and parks= free free free...and wonderful!

Now Autumn is upon us. Co-op started last week. Noah is thrilled to be in the big boy room with Ms. Lewis. He was a little naughty on the first day. He was caught splashing in the water fountain, soaked himself, and had to sit down and press paper towels to his wet shirt as punishment. Next week, he plans to bring Boom Boom to show & tell. He's a pre-schooler now. Where has the time flown? This was probably the last summer of Noah's babyish-ness.

I have put away the barely used bathing suits, sprinklers, and flip flops. The snow boots are waiting by the front door. I smell fireplaces, kindled, smoking. Leaves desert the trees. They stand naked and vulnerable.

Did you know that a shiver is the body's way of trying to warm itself?

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