Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Upcoming Projects

I'm listing a few project ideas here to keep myself motivated (and to just record this transitional place in my life). Maybe, just maybe, if I've made this list public, I'll actually buckle down and get to work on a few things.
But don't really count on it. Ha!

1) First, the inevitable, ongoing project of BABY. This includes being pregnant and pursuing the cravings that go along with it. It also includes selecting a name for the sweet baby girl on the way. We're struggling big time with this if you have any suggestions- send them my way!!! PLEASE! Also, send boy names too just in case the ultrasound tech was mistaken.

In addition to the Great Name Project (which is driving me a bit insane), I want to try my psuedo-crafty hand at making pink and frilly baby stuff- clothes, toys. If you are crafty and have any ideas for simple, beginning projects- please comment.

The nearby fabric store was having a Spring sale and I popped in today. Picked up these lovely girly-girl fabrics.

Before we knew the gender, I made this bib. Because any groovy guy or gal can appreciate the King.

 2) Besides baby stuff, I want to make/decorate a special Big Brother shirt for Noah. I have fabric paint. Just need to pick up a T-shirt and get to work. That should be easy, and I like it easy. 

Noah did not try to hide his disappointment when he found out that a little sister is on the way, rather than a brother. He fantasized about teaching a little brother all of his Boy Ways.
I need ideas about how to get him excited about the new FEMALE person arriving in his life. Thoughts? Suggestions?   

3)  On top of having a baby due in August, we are also trying to move...AGAIN...and in August. We're looking to become first time homeowners. So, I guess house-hunting is another project keeping me busy. I just want an extra bedroom for the littlest one, a small outdoor space (yard? patio?) for a garden/container garden, and a kitchen that is larger than our current apartment kitchen. And I'd prefer to stay in Takoma Park, of course. I'd also prefer to stay within the particular school zone that we're already in...I like the kindergarten that Noah will begin in the Fall.

I have so longed for my backyard garden from Syracuse this spring. I've envied our non-apartment dwelling neighbors and their gorgeous blooms. And as much as I love to cook and bake, I haven't been able to stretch my wings in the closet-sized kitchen we currently have. The cheese-press Michael gave me for Christmas sits gathering dust because there is just no room for a cheese factory in our apartment. No room! So a place with more room to further pursue more PROJECTS. That'd be ideal. : ) 

4) Then there's my poetry. I would love to grow further as a writer. I need more practice. I need mentoring. I would ultimately aspire to mentor others...oneday. Takoma Park is a fantastic place to be for an artist, plenty of inspiration, plenty of people to look up to for guidance, a community that is passionate about art. 
Unfortunately, I don't feel like I can really committ to a strict, disciplined writing schedule at this point. But it is a plan for the future. 

Well then, that's enough to get me started (and I haven't even mentioned salsa dancing or learning French).
I welcome all suggestions and encouragement...crafty, baby, home-hunting, writing, or otherwise!


Carol Sanzone said...

Hey Madonna,
Girls like lego, and star wars, and going on hikes, and many of the same things that boys do... so even like slimy frogs and toads!

Love your project list!
Hope you find a perfect home for your growing family, and all your ambitions and gardens and poetry and projects


Brian said...

Sounds like great fun, Madona! What the Hell is a cheese press though? Noah will get excited eventually, play up the fact that he can still teach her all about the stuff he likes and that being the big brother is a really important job. Goodluck with the name thing, we had Charlotte,Eve, Fiona and Gemma picked out, but never got to use them (BOO HOO ;)

Beth said...

Well, having a inflated craft gene, I will try to get together some fast & easy ideas for you. Easy is my middle name...

Yes, I agree with the others....Noah will have a very important job being a big brother. He also gets to show his sister that girls can do anything (almost) that boys can do!

A house sounds nice....good luck. It's a buyers market!

Writing.....comes from within. I read once that writers write, others just talk keep your notebook near by and just do it. You are a writer. Write to your own tune.

Catherine said...

Cool bib! I'll be watching an Elvis film this weekend. This will be one rocking baby!

My friend's daughter's name is Lillian (Lilly for short) which might go well with your last name. I've fond of Vivianne too.

I completely appreciate the frustration of trying to make time for all your interests. Good luck!

MaddyG said...
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MaddyG said...

Thanks Carol! I know I've always loved frogs myself! : )

Danielle, I love all of those names! Charlotte was on my list, but Michael said no. I haven't forgotten your plan to get a little pooch and name her Gemma!?

AB(aka "Easy")~ I'm so looking forward to hearing your crafty ideas. Yay!

Catherine~ Lillian and Vivianne are both so lovely. Thanks! I do lean in the Frenchy direction. Enjoy your weekend with the King. I'm sure he won't disappoint!

MaddyG said...

Oh yeah, Danielle, a cheese press is a contraption used to squeeze the whey out of cheese. It's used to make hard cheeses like cheddar and parm. I'm pretty cheesy. I've made my own soft cheeses...but I've yet to tackle cheddar!

Laura said...

Oh a girl!!!! Claire, Lucia, Beatrix, Ruby? Those are my favs gathering dust. In fact, you could just string'em all together:>. She'd then be a poet for sure (like her mama).

You have a busy summer coming up!How about a simple baby quilt?

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